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01k, mb, Arkaos Kling-Force Controller

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Kling-Force LED

Most popular LEDs are supported, both 5V and 12V, and both 3 or 4 wires

  • 3 wires APA104 5V 800Khz
  • 3 wires W2812 family 5V 800Khz
  • 3 wires UCS2912 RGBW 5V 800Khz
  • 3 wires TM1803 5V 400KHz
  • 4 wires APA102C 5V
  • 4 wires LPD6803 12V
  • 3 wires INK1003 12V 800Khz
  • 3 wires UCS1903 12V 800Khz
  • 3 wires TM182 12V

Kling-Force Controllers do not have a display or buttons on the interface because it’s based on Kling-Net. It can be configured from the Kling-Net Mapper

Each output with a non-zero length will appear as a device in the Kling-Net Mapper. Each output can have a different length to offer maximum flexibility:

ShowPixel made this tutorial video for Arkaos, more tutorials will follow soon…

GrandVJ XT 2.3 Tutorial