Kling-Force LED

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The Kling-Force controller is unique in it’s kind, first of all it has 8 outputs and the LED strips can be powered directly from the controller. All outputs are short-cut protected which means that your LED strips will survive when you accidentally make a short-cut on the wires. With a gigabit LAN connection up to 20 controllers can be linked to the software.

The Kling-Force LED controller supports 400px per output so that makes a total of 3200 pixels per controller.


Current orders will ship with a FREE 5 mtr reel WS2812b strip (as long as stock lasts)


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Kling-Force LED is a plug and play interface designed to easily drive LED strips through any ArKaos Software. It provides 8 outputs and supports the most popular LED strips on the market.

An external power supply is required to drive 5V or 12V LEDs installation.


Additional information

Weight 550 kg
Dimensions 460 × 320 × 80 cm
Supported Protocols

3 wires APA104 5V 800Khz, 3 wires INK1003 12V 800Khz, 3 wires TM1803 5V 400KHz4 wires APA102C 5V, 3 wires TM182 12V, 3 wires UCS1903 12V 800Khz, 3 wires UCS2912 RGBW 5V 800Khz, 3 wires W2812 family 5V 800Khz, 4 wires APA102C 5V, 4 wires LPD6803 12V

Pixels Per Output


Pixels Per Controller


Universe Count

18 Universes per Controller

Kling-NET Pixel Limit

921.600 (mapped pixels)